February 27, 2018

As someone who is  “settling-in” in Cairo right now, below are five things that tick me off about this place & how I’m dealing with them:

1. The air & noise pollution. My first impression of Cairo was: the whole city needs dusting. The orange musk that’s constantly in the air creates an irritating blurred vision in your eyes AND mind… Ayla & I had respiratory health issues for about a month when we first moved here in July...

May 31, 2017

Nushi & I set off to Georgia for our annual May venture, which is now turning into a tradition since our last trip to Bodrum back in May 2016. Our trip days were from 19th- 23rd & I believe that we could have gone during a better weather, however, it would not have been possible to experience the beautiful sight of the snow on Georgia’s divine mountains, if we had gone any later/when it would have been warmer. So if you want t...

November 4, 2016

TheHong Kong. Along with my daughter because I thought that she was old enough (four years old) to experience & enjoy Disneyland, as well as my Mum because I wanted her to experience other cultures away from what she’s accustomed to; I had a point to prove. 

I purchased the tickets as a surprise and when I asked my Mum to guess where I had booked the tickets to
(I had booked us a
culinary experience trip to Istan...

July 20, 2016

Bodrum is a nice relaxing destination to head to if you just want a quick break from life & have an EXTREMELY laid back vacation with not too many activities to cross off your checklist. When Nushi and I went in May 2016, we spent the majority of the time tanning by the beach, strolling down the little town at night & barely spending any money: yes, great budget-friendly destination. 

We booked an “Ultra All Inclusive” pack...

October 4, 2010

I consider myself so very fortunate to be a Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change Alumnus. This  “three-week action research and critical making program that brings young media makers together from around the world to critique and create civic media for social change”, has changed my life, forever. 

I spent three unforgettable weeks connecting & making friendships with the world’s finest youth, as we chatted away our d...

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