My Come Back Post

May 16, 2017

I want to be the Drama Queen that I am and say: I’ve worked on this for years! But I haven’t; I started this whole “blogging” thing around two years ago and then lost all of my blog posts and almost wanted to give up (thanks to GoDaddy & their WordPress hosting plan), but I didn’t. Don’t ever give up. 


I managed to find a few posts that I saved on my desktop and had to live/let go of all of the others I lost… and start all over again. There’s always something good about “new beginnings”; trust me, it’s not just a cliche.


I worked on my blog secretly for almost a year, back in 2015 (before I realised I lost it all by the end of 2016), i.e. although it was technically “published”, I never “advertised” it/ talked about it. Almost exactly one year (since realising I lost it all) down the line: no regrets. I believe that I am coming back maturer, stronger, and more “professional”… When I think about the previous website’s layout I think: amateur, too many colours, and trying too hard!


All I’m trying to say here is: if you lose something, if it all vanishes and all of your hard work has gone to waste, know that it is for a good reason, because something better is coming your way. 


This is my “Come Back” post and I hope that you learn & enjoy my journey, experiences, and adventures while I live my life consciously and without regrets; yet surely with some doubts every now and then- which have made these whole blog posts come to life… 

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