• Farah Madadha

Petra Orfali

Petra Orfali probably bears the scariest of life scars & lessons but if you get an opportunity to know her you'll realize that she's nothing but a creative Healer. Okay yeah, and a renewed regional designer whose signature Hatta pieces have been worn by celebrities like Enrique, Majeda Al Rumi, Angham, Joel, myself (haha) and more.

Petra's commitment to empowering women has been too overpowering not to mention or praise. Perhaps one of her most successful "business strategies" is how much she give back to the (women) local community of Jordan, not only by hiring them; but also mentoring them through workshops & occasional meetings.

Her slogan "Proudly Made in Jordan" constitutes of the pride of every single women she's directly or indirectly helped through fashion design.

Here are Five Things to Learn from Petra Orfali

1. Giving back always pays back.

2. Be yourself, the universe will conspire to make your uniqueness shine.

3. You're your biggest supporter.

4. No hardship is stronger than YOU

5. Authenticity & intention are everything.

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