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Be Elizabeth

A WhatsApp message has been circulating carrying the photos of Queen Elizabeth "outliving" most of the USA's Presidents. Humor is intended in the message & I found myself offended, then getting defensive... Especially as the senders were women. I have not shared my "piece of mind" as a reply to any of the senders & taking, my rather thoughtful, rant here...

Photo Source: Getty Images

This photo from 1976 of Queen Elizabeth dancing with USA President Ford looks like something out of a movie... but it's been her reality from the moment she was conceived... Ok, here's a bombshell, forget about the 12 Presidents of the USA, how about the 155+ Arab Kings & Presidents? #MindBlown.

This woman has grown & strategically built & ruled her empire on her own and withstanding ALL of these "kings" and men of her time... Let that sink in before having any form of pre-judgement about Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

I examined 12 photos of Queen Elizabeth, with 12 different US Presidents, with admirations...

1. With Trump (2018)

2. With Obama (2011 + 2009)

3. With Bush (2007 + 2003)

4. With Clinton (2000 + 1995)

5. With Bush Senior (1991)

6. With Reagan (1983 + 1982)

7. With Carter (1977)

8. With Ford (1976)

9. With Nixon (1969)

10. With Kennedy (1961)

11. With Eisenhower (1959 + 1957)

12. With Truman (1951)

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