• Farah Madadha

What is the Purpose?

What is the purpose of this? To me, everything.

Whatever you're investing time & effort is should be towards that Purpose.

1. The purpose of this is to use & practice my writing, which is my absolute preferred mean of communication.

2. The purpose of this is to keep some sort of a dairy (although I'm not keeping up).

3. The purpose of this is to remind myself that I need to follow up with my own plans before following up with the Kardashians (I have full respect & admiration for the clan).

4. The purpose of this is to leave something that perhaps my daughter Ayla can use in the future, when she's no longer interested in a childish "bedtime story". That's why I re-edit my thoughts sometimes? Which is wrong from my end as a write/communicator & I usually end up with a complete writer's' block.

5. The purpose of this can be labeled in so many different ways, but to me; it truly is everything.

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