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30 at Thirty

As I complete my 30th year, I’d like to remind myself of at least 30 realizations I’ve made in the past 11 months. Coincidentally, there are 30 days until my birthday, so there is plenty of time for me to work on that list of 30 realizations/affirmations. What an assuring numerological coincidence though.

1. You no longer cry in public & do it more often in private; alone.

2. You realize that you are no longer a “child” of your parents & start noticing what 30 years has also done to them…

3. Your “circle” becomes non-existence, and you shift to forming deep and none geometrical relationships that are set to be your boundless “support” for the rest of your life.

4. You realize that there are no such thing/people as “enemies” and that you truly are your biggest enemy.


6. You start listening more carefully to what your heart & mind have experienced throughout these 30 years, and allow them to be your guiding voice of Truth and/or Reason.

7. You get that “30 glow”, it is there, but you don’t see it in yourself as often as you should. You’re still clinging onto that “20 twinkle”.

8. Spendings turn into investments; including “spending” time as much as money. Time is money & money is time. Are you still working those 9:00 – 18:00 hours? Or are you working feely & timelessly towards & for something you’re passionate about? Almost all of my (very few) friends, and myself, belong to the later crowd. Of course, there are always priceless moments. Investing time in building a strong beautiful family is is also relatively priceless.

9. As a parent, I found myself more “concerned” with world affairs (rather than personal/gossip) because I am anticipating the world I will be raising & aiding my children to face and conquer. So far, no contemporary “affordable” educational system is worthy of “investing” in.

10. If you’re lucky; you’re the BOSS by 30. But we have @MillieBobbyBrown & @KyleJenner who are kickass lady bosses that made it long before 30… Here’s what I mean: By 30, you’ll become the boss of your image The boss of your thoughts, feelings & everything in between

The boss of your body & soul The boss of your future & Destiny The boss of your existence & what you want to do with it from here…

Are you 30+ and would like to help me finish my homework of 30 by Thirty? Drop me a line, I’d love to read your insight.

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