• Farah Madadha

No Internet- 10 Hacks

Your worst nightmare happened to me; I ran out of data connection and the home wifi needed renewal!

This is about how to make you feel the solitude of your isolation....

I haven’t done (all) TEN things whilst I was “out of contact” but this post is inspired by this circumstance (I’m thinking: this could totally be useful when there’s an apocalypse):

1. Write down what you intended to type/communicate/express/post…

2. Write.

3. Write a letter to someone... even if it were to yourself.

4. Write down your feelings.

5. Write & plan out a kickass idea to discuss with your boss/ client.

6. Write down your Wish-list.

7. Write down your bucket-list.

8. Write down your to-do list.

9. Just write… anything … and if you can’t

10. Colour…

If you don’t have an adult colouring book then go buy one now, colour your nails, colour your chairs; just add a bit of solid & concrete colour to your life in the meantime...

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