• Farah Madadha

International's Women's Day Obligatory Post

It takes s girl a while to become a WOMAN… To experience all the grieves & glories of being one

To understand the sacred meaning & honour of being one

To all the women in my life & around the world, I wish you this:

I wish you joy & a spirit no world can destroy

I wish you peace of mind, I wish you an ache-less heart I wish you love,

I wish YOU Love, From him

From them

From the world & everything and anything that you do

But mostly, I wish you Love from YOU

Don’t be fooled,

No one will ever love YOU, the way YOU want them to… This Love is a fantasy only YOU can do

So take yourself on those trips stop worrying about the World’s mess

And refocus your mighty energy on YOU

For woman around the world I want you to know this:

I know it is not easy but each one of us was made to make it easier for the NEXT one/s

We are Frida Kalho’s “NEXTs” (110+ years later) as much as we are Oprah’s and as close as your #BossBabe best friend.

Empowerment is all around us

& there's no longer an excuse to be "stuck"...

Just go for it...

Break all the mold on the way & make a mess but GO FOR IT, it will be worth it in the end

We are where we are because all of the women in the past, in our present and those we’re taking with us to the future of infinity & beyond.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: can you name at least 5 Arabic "historic" women who've fought similar battles for Women in the Arab World? Sabah is definitely one of them...

DISCLAIMER: sarcasm in the Post Title only.

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