• Farah Madadha

Prophets & Celebrating Birthdays

The Mawled of Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him, has been falling in a December since 2015. December is truly becoming the most wonderful time of the year, every year.

How do you mark Al Mawled? I remember when I was asked this question at 6 or 7 years old my answer was “we bring a cake and celebrate”- the teacher laughed, the whole class laughed as far as my memory wants to tell me.

If we celebrate the birth of Christ with a Christmas Tree how come there isn’t a form of expression for an equally important occasion? Muslims celebrate Christmas, don’t they? There’s more than a handful of Muslims who put up a Christmas Tree every year. I did last year, because my daughter asked for one! And it was a pleasant experience and a delight to have in the house, for that time of the year… It was a white tree… with pink & gold ornaments..

I was asked by a client for a Mawled post, for “neutrality” reasons... why only post about Christmas and not this occasion? True…

Why? As I googled “inspirations” I couldn’t find anything I would see “fit” for this client’s brand identity… or what I feel of it…

Then as hints of Islamic Geometry started making an appearance, I was seeing Joy, just as that as a sight of a Christmas Tree…

There is so much about Islamic Culture to be celebrated: its contributions to Geometry, Medicine, Architecture and ART. Islamic patters and calligraphy have a sophisticated beauty that fascinates its onlooker…

I’m proud of this post, and the insight its given me about how we can ALWAYS celebrate in our special way… and not like every body else.

Did You Know? Islamic art uses Geometry & Calligraphy and avoids figural representations.

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