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15 November 2017- Cairo, Egypt

There are only 24HRs in a day, but these hours are made up of what could be priceless moments...

I couldn’t sleep. Thinking. So many things, ideas, thoughts and whatever you call it came to my head. Can I address all of them in one post? Probably shouldn’t, it would be too long….

First and for most, let’s stick to the moment, now… “working” at this hour, realizing that there’s yet another lifestyle that I’d like to maintain/ try out, in order to keep things in order; My Life, that is… and probably my sanity (if I wanted to be too dramatic, which I am).

First, relocate “working” hours from 00:00 until 06:00...?

The school bus picks Ayla up at 06:30 and trying to wake up between 05:00 and 06:00 every week day has been completely messing up with my system, maybe? This "school run" requires the energy, attention and patience of a FULLY AWAKE PERSON, which I am not if I had been woken up from a nice night's sleep .

I’m a night owl (I forgot who said that to me once). It’s true. My pillow thoughts took me back to the period between February 2015 and Jun 2017… When I used to stay up later than I usually ever did and used to get so much work & writing accomplished!

As scared as I am from the darkness, I find my peace in its atmosphere of rare quietness & calmness. When (almost) everyone is sleeping and there is much less “noise”… What motivated me to take my pillow thoughts into the lounge and working table tonight were a few factors, amongst which are:

  1. An uncomfortable bed and sleeping arrangement (baby alert! AKA Ayla decided to join)

  2. The need to just let it out! There is so much I want to communicate yet I feel so isolated at times. Writing has a healing property that everyone should try...


Uncontrolled Extraneous Variable Thought/Emotion (at 01:08):

My phone just rang & I realise how sudden noises make the blood in my veins & artiries run so cold; freezing me for a split second and making me dysfunctional for a few moments....

No one has “My Cairo Number”... Well maybe around five people at max, but really all I'm really connected through is my Jordanian What'sApp number... and Facebook Messenger...

I cancelled the call.

It called again, twice thereafter. TrueCaller search: Kelich Doctor.

Two nights ago, the door bell rang at 23:00 & I froze for a good five minutes until I was able to "shake it off". Three days ago the door bell rang constantly & continuously for a few seconds & although it was day light (along with the realisation that it might be the electricity/gas bill-man) I still "froze to death".

Is it the fact that living in Cairo is too intimidating for this Ammanie girl... Especially as I learn more and more about how vicious it is for women to simply walk down the street h

ere? Or a PTSD from that 4th of December 2016 night when my door bill in Amman rang continuously (also around 23:00) & then I were attacked viciously for what seemed like endless hours...


Back to my pillow thoughts... Here's what I'd like to challenge myself to do/try at least until 30th Nov. (speak of realistic expectations!):

  • Work from 00:00 – 06:00

  • Sleep from 07:00 – 12:00

  • Yoga from 13:00 – 13:30 (this is a whole different post!)

  • Work from 13:30 - 14:30

  • Cook from 14:45 – 15:30

  • Ayla from 15:45 – 20:30

  • Hubby from 20:30 – 23:00

I’m leaving the “free” minutes as “buffer time” for:

  • Eat, healthy

  • Love, generously

  • PRAY, I’d love to start praying Fajer, then start committing to all fives-times-a-day.

  • Yoga: the only way I can stay fit without having to crawl the next morning due to my “hyper elasticity”.

In line of my yet another attempt at being "healthy", I also decided that my working hours will be sort of my intermittent fasting hours, where I can only have coffee, tea and water. Speaking of time and tea, I have recently been digging more and more into the world of tea; due to the fact that I currently work with the Amman-based boutique/supplier/provider (call it whatever because that’s not the point) in alignment with my challenge & journey to become “healthier by 30”. I was supposed to quit smoking AT 30. I didn’t. I am actually smoking as I speak/type. But apparently, “true”* white tea leaves are anti-aging & anti-cancer. So I also decided that I will start having more tea/s, knowing that it will not to ever terminate the effects of smoking, but perhaps aid my all other (f*ck#ng) facial day & time rituals; in hope for a fresher more youthful looking skin.

Enough for now... This blog post is all over the place!

Perhaps it is the need for Focus after all...

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