• Farah Madadha

Yogatta Realise When There's a Problem


I need to write/ communicate and I haven’t properly done that since probably 17th Sep. 2017… That’s when I came back to Cairo from Amman.

I want to stop, convince myself that I have a writer’s block, because I do not want to end up pouring out what I wouldn’t want to admit just because I’m going with the flow… of writing whatever.

I guess I decided to write because I’ve just realized how, despite autocorrect, that I am suddenly starting to make spelling mistakes! And it terrifies me (let alone admitting it publically in a blog post, to both the world & CLIENTS!).

I honestly don’t know what is the problem.

But I know that there is a problem, because this has never happened before; not to this degree and extent.

So I need to dig down (basically write & write!) to find a root cause for this extremely critical situation.

Is it a lack of concentration? Or surplus of “work”. Let’s dissect the word “work”:

  • Around 2 – 5 clients, one of which is somewhat difficult & thinks I’m paid a full-time rate.

  • Maintaining a tidy house, which is impossible… and perhaps the clutter/setting is not helping me do well with “work”? Seeing all these perfectly tidy houses on Social Media DOESN’T help…

  • Cooking, which I thoroughly enjoy and love doing… just like Working with my clients!

So Where is the problem? I genuinely love everything I work for and on…

Is it lack of concentration or need for focus?

• I ended up writing a.lo.t. over the next 24hrs and decided to divide my "thoughts" into the following blog posts...

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