• Farah Madadha

Bodrum: The Chill-Out Escape

Bodrum is a nice relaxing destination to head to if you just want a quick break from life & have an EXTREMELY laid back vacation with not too many activities to cross off your checklist. When Nushi and I went in May 2016, we spent the majority of the time tanning by the beach, strolling down the little town at night & barely spending any money: yes, great budget-friendly destination.

We booked an “Ultra All Inclusive” package at Vera Miramar Resort for four nights and it cost us $440 ONLY (that’s $220 each!). Why I say only? Well basically because as soon as we stepped in Vera Miramar they put an wristband on us that allowed us an all-access to the resort’s facilities for “free”- we’re talking breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, other restaurants at the hotel, AS WELL AS an unlimited supply of drinks, ice-cream and cold water. I spent over $200 on a night out once, so that deal was simply too dreamy for me…

Despite the fact that the resort felt like a retirement house at moments, thanks to those 60+ year old English tourists, the presence of the resort’s Activity Staff and their energy have definitely neutralised the vibe; I found myself competing in archery with 70+ year old men & delightedly lost to their skilful arms & sight!

Bodrum’s town at night was extremely delightful & vibrant; strolling down the pedestrian’s paths with their small shops kept us occupied for hours as we viewed the handmade accessories, home pieces, and tattoo shops which Nushi kept dragging me out of (I’m getting that tattoo Nush!). As for the “nightlife”, I can tell you: yeah; it exists (but it’s no Beirut) enough to fall into the whole “chill-out” theme of the vacation.

The one must-do thing in Bodrum? Go to Orfoz; a romantic exquisitely rare experience that you’re granted not to have anywhere else in the world! We went for the set-menu and were presented with a variety of freshly fished sea food- although I’m not a fan of anything other than fish; their beautiful & delicate presentation of each dish made me feel inclined to just live the experience and try everything they brought to the table; including octopus, oysters, and other sea creatures, which otherwise I would not have even dared to try in a trillion years.

Would I visit again? No. Bodrum is one of those places where you'd feel like "been there done that" with no strings/attractions attached.

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