• Farah Madadha

10 Daring Things To Do, Before You Hit 30

How many times have you done something daring, in your lifetime? If you're in the age range of 25-35 then you should have/probably have had experienced this extreme rush of adrenaline, at least a handful of times.

Now before the mind drifts off to borderline territories, below is a list of such "experience":

  1. Pregnancy. From the moment of conception (seeing that double red line), to hearing the first beat of a heart that is growing inside of yours, to feeling the first movement/kick from the body that is growing inside of yours, to knowing it is the time/moment to finally meet your child. Adrenaline. FULL STOP. From labor on, there's no rush!

  2. Sneaking out. If you haven't snuck out from ANYWHERE by the time you're 35, sorry, loser. Not the cruel iPod Generation kind of "loser", but in the adult/mature terms; you've missed out on a rush (that's just assuming 25-35 year olds shouldn't have/need to sneak out). "Sneaking out", I believe, is an event that should/would take place in young adulthood; between 15-25 years of age. My "sneaking out" memory is 12 years old; from the time I stayed at a friend's house, during high school, and snuck out to go to Safeways to buy food. Wearing pjs. I can't even imagine what teenagers sneak out to do nowadays 🙈 and God knows by the time Ayla is a teenager, which is over 12 years from now!

  3. Sneaking in. Come on, who hasn’t tiptoed into their parents’ bedroom looking for something, or on a more adrenaline-rush-level, into a haunted or deserted house?

  4. Getting out. Instantly walking out from a job, a friendship, a marriage, or a restaurant, cafe, a house, or crime scene, murder, or wherever you were imprisoned. That spare-of-the-moment action-taking surely is daring enough to make the parts of your body shake.

  5. Speaking out, your mind. So beautifully & clearly, to the extent you'd question this new tone of voice, which your body hasn't produced nor heard before. With time, the level of "rush" diminishes, and eventually/officially reaches the brain-borderline of NoFsGiven (an extremely dangerous zone that requires extensive training before the mind-deployment).

  6. First kiss. Last kiss.

  7. Flying out. Without notice. Book a holiday in less than half an hour, without prior planning or permission for leave from work; & just surprise and hand out the ticket to the person you want to take with you. Priceless.

  8. Shooting a gun. Trust me on this one, the mind will take you to places before hitting the trigger.

  9. Experimenting.

  10. Living.

As scary & daring as the experience, later on you will realize these are the “moments” your whole body was in touch with its emotions; creating unforgettable memories you would look back on & either want to tap yourself on the back, or sometimes just cringe in disbelief at your own ability to get out of that comfort zone, in a heartbeat.

Get it done, move on, pass it on...

I'd love to read about the daring things you've done so far, let's exchange ideas; drop me a line!

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