• Farah Madadha

Choose Your Hair Dresser Wisely

If you were a mum, like myself, then “salon time” is a rare (once in a couple of weeks) occasion of “leisure time”. Funny that prior Motherhood, I never looked at this subject in the same perspective. It was rather “buffer time” between me and whichever place I was going to after the salon; the time you spend running your outfit for the night through your mind, scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed, and frequently replying-to/sending texts.

My moment of realization came about last weekend, and it is the fact your that your salon (the whole place, vibe, staff, products, price, employees, etc.) could be a combination of magic that make your “salon time” not only a time to look forward to, but also an occasion you anticipate & plan on a day where you actually have no specific occasion/function to hurry to afterwards. Because you enjoy yourself & feel so relaxed over there, to the extent that you don’t mind/bother about how many hours of your day the time spent there might take…

Between 2010- 2013 I went to Tarek Musharbash, and although the quality of their work is superb (which comes at a price), I never really fancied the “time” there. It is too “formal”, professional, & serious; for my taste. Maybe not. Maybe it is the fact I experienced an-all-women’s-salon, where no man is allowed anywhere in the premises; and so the “conversations” at these salons are more… hmmm… entertaining, enlightening, and lighthearted? For example, I have never, ever, been questioned about the menstrual cycle in any of the salons I ever been to; and I am so thankful for that; as I can’t imagine the awkwardness of a man asking/having to ask!

So ladies, listen up; I don’t understand why discussing something as natural as a women’s menstrual cycle is a “taboo”, but you owe yourself and your body learning NOT to ignore/normalize that time of the month.

Apparently, you should not go for any (serious) hair-treatment, such as Botox or Crystal whilst on your period. Because the results would not be as effective, or not effective at all! Also, dying your hair with any light colors while menstruating will be the reason the color of your choice turns ORANGE eventually (that was an aha moment for me)!

Yes, these pieces of info are rocket science for me, even if some might think that they were “common sense”. They’re not. We, women, are in a constant hormonal flux, and finding the right salon for will put you in a hormonal harmony.

In the final days of the period estrogen levels begin to increase and testosterone levels start to decrease, which will make your hair look/feel drier. This is due to the fact that testosterone causes oil production. Therefore, it is best to do some deep conditioning for the hair in the final days of the period and shortly after it’s done. During the 14-days grace period of ovulation, the hair is believed to be at its best; since the rise of estrogen levels will naturally take care of the oil balance of your scalp & hair.

During PMS, levels of estrogen decrease and the levels of progesterone and testosterone increase, leading to increased oil production in the skin glands. Now, believe it or not, this is the best time to dye your hair, and that’s because the hormonal flux during this period makes your hair and skin oilier which “actually can help protect the delicate skin of the scalp from the chemicals as they sit on your hair”, according to hairstylist Anna Costa. The process of having those chemicals sit on your hair can take up to 3 hours, and what a better time/atmosphere to spend this “salon time” in and around a bunch of woman who you can openly declare your PMS to , & have them pamper you and treat you with an overdose of tenderness, love, and care?

Now, to that period no one is ever conformable talking about &/or discussing, when the day comes and it is that time of the month, do NOTHING. Estrogen levels would be at their lowest and so will you. The only magic you’ll be able to find will be in a hot bubble bath, and not in any salon. Even if you think that you’d just go for manicure/pedicure, don’t; those fingers and toes are likely to bleed in the process, & cause you irritating pain on top of your cramps.

Happy Days!

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