• Farah Madadha

Jordanian Breakfast at Sufra

My taste buds have had the pleasure of trying out Sufra Restaurant’s new Jordanian Breakfast menu, which is available every Friday & Saturday from 10:00- 12:00. We were a squad of four Jordanian women; starving not only to have a genuine taste of our beloved country’s cuisine, but also for food for thought, which we manage to indulge in each time we assemble.

The atmosphere was beyond perfect for our philosophical conversations, with Sufra’s layout allowing us to enjoy the view of the drizzling rain outside, to see the old man in his traditional outfit baking us fresh bread, and its interior making us feel comfortably cozy; we were Home.

I particularly loved the Fatet Hummus & the Hoseh حوسه , which I had to inquire about as I weren’t familiar with the name. Hoseh is basically Gallayyeh without the minced meat. It was love at first bite! When it comes to Fatet Hummus (hmmm Humus casserole?), it is a gastronomy a few can master & appreciate. Everything else was also exquisite, expect for the omelet عجه, which was a bit too salty for my taste (no one else seemed to mind it).

In these scrumptious breakfast hours my #SaturdaySquad discussed the law of attraction, relationships, coincidences, scripts from the Quran, and how much we are grateful for having each other!

Can’t wait for our next assembly!

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